Friday, June 27, 2008

vicious project

i have a couple friends with a vodka brand. i have photographed two products for them in the last 3 years. the red lit clear bottle being an older image and the frosted bottle being the newer. i tried to mimic the older picture but not too closely. the tone is changed with the second and the lighting is not as dramatic.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i am the lazy king! i cant do anything

meh....too much work...not enough time to stare at the moon.....

Monday, May 5, 2008


Sharon and I photographed these crazy kids almost three years ago. We had a full day at a rented studio in downtown. I need to do this again soon. I have been saying that for three years.....ugh, laziness.

work 1 play 0

time...where does go when im done with it?

Saturday, April 12, 2008


great show....this girl completely dominated the night

Saturday, April 5, 2008

saturday, in the park...think it was the 5th of april

Chris having fun in the park...oh to be 1.4 years old again.
I am pretty happy with the image except for the bit of washed highlight. oh well, better luck next in tomorrow. i need to shoot tomorrow too or i am a tool

Saturday, March 29, 2008

WARNING - the following is a rant - dont say i didnt warn you....once you have read it you cant un-read it....

ah, the good old days of InfraNT. i made some really sick dough with these guys and had blast making thier images as well. i had a published image in Wired, even if it was a review...

where are all the paying gigs?!?!?! are you hearming me Mr "new to the photo game so i will lowball everyone and his mother" Mr "ill do it for free to get my name out there" STOP IT, everyone stop giving away images because you are new, you are practicing or you have a new digitial camera and you are being nice. no one likes a doormat and if you are giving your work away thats what you are...

of course this is coming from the guy who shoots for concert tix at IGN. hmmm... it may be time renegotiate with Spence and the folks at FIM / / FOX

mmmmm.....monday...looks like someone has a case of the mondays. (no, i am not talking about you, i am talking about me)

anyways, here is another awesome shot that i have robbed the world of since last summer because i am lazy.

lazy = no image for today or saturday

lazy...well, photo wise. i was so into all the new home owner chores that i didnt get around to making a new image. i did buy some props to a new image. i bought candy to photograph. i keep eating it though. soon, i will only have a single subject left instead of a bag of subjects....

so, here is an old image i was proud of that never made to my uneditable flash site. (uneditable because i cant get anyone to edit it)

blog post one

image from last night...this was shot right in my sideyard. i am soooo lazy. when it warms up more i will get off my butt to go somewhere more interesting.

i really love the sensor in my Nikon D3. Nikon really pulled it off finally. i wish there were a bit more resolution but this iwll do for now. as soon as they announce a higher res model this is going to ebay.